Agricultural & Feed Laboratories


OPSIS LiquidLINE provides solutions for Analytical Laboratories working with Farms and Feed producers. Examples are Flour producers, Mills, Agricultural producers and Farms, Fruit and Nut farms, Oils and Syrups producers and Tobacco farmers. Protein measurements are common but also other analyses such as Fat determination and extraction of Oil.



Agricultural solutions

Our solutions for Farmers and Agricultural production: Determination of protein in grain, oats, barley, wheat, sugars, syrups, straw, plants and forage. Protein in cottonseed, cottonseed meals, ground cake or pellets from cottonseed. Total and Crude Fat in Corn, Maize, Rice, Peas and Wheat, Durum, Rye, Barley and Oats. Fat in Soy Flour, Feeds, and Mixed Feeds. Extraction of Oil in Cereal Adjuncts.
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Solutions for feed

Our solutions for producers of Animal and Fish Feed: Determination of protein in animal feed stuff, forage (plant tissue), grain, oilseeds, pet food and protein in residues from other production processes. Total and Crude fat in Cattle-, Cat-, Dog-, Horse-, Chicken-, Rabbit- and Pig feed. Fat in cereal grains, forages and in fish meals. Extraction of oil from distilled grains waste.
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Flour and Milling

Solutions for mills and flour producers

Solutions for Mills and producers of Flour: Determination of protein in flour, starch, starch derived products, molasses, soybean meal and other oil-seed byproducts. Crude or Total fat in wheat flour, corn flour and soy flour. Fat in feeds and mixed feeds.
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Fruits and Nuts

Solutions for fruit and nut farms

Solutions for Fruit and Nut farms: Protein determination in fruits, fruit products, nuts and nut products. Determination of Fat in nuts and nut products. Total SO2 in dried apricots, dried fruits and Total SO2 in fruit juices.
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Oils and Syrups

Solutions for producers of syrup

Our Solutions for producers of Syrups, Palm, Coconut and other Oils: Protein determination in residues from palm oil production such as palm kernel cake, palm oil sludge (POS) and palm pressed fibre (PPF). Protein in soybean meal and other oilseed by-products. Extraction oil from press fiber, rape, soya beans and sunflower seeds.
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Solutions for tobacco producers

Our Analytical solutions for Producers of Tobacco: Determination of Total Alkaloids in Tobacco, Total oxidised Nitrogen, Nitrite (NO2) and Nitrate (NO3) and extraction of alkaloids from Tobacco
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