KjelROC Analyzer

High Precision Kjeldahl System with Smart Connectivity

KjelROC Analyzer

Our KjelROC range of automatic Kjeldahl analyzers offers innovative, precise and cost efficient solutions for distillation, titration and determination of protein according to the Kjeldahl method. The Kjeldahl apparatus provides steam distillation according to official methods and the OPSIS LiquidLINE unique predictive titration gives several advantages in the lab.

Unique Analytical Precision
The OPSIS LiquidLINE Predictive Titration lowers the Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) and increases flexibility with different indicators. The Kjeldahl distillation is controlled via the easy to use touch screen. Large, refillable burette saves time and costs when moving between high and low content protein.

Connect Your Laboratory
The OPSIS LiquidLINE LabConnect software is included with each Analyzer system and makes your work with the instrument easy, samrt and effective. The possibility to send and receive results, significantly reduces the integration and IT costs. It is also easy to connect your KjelROC to your LIMS or other information systems.

Low Maintenance Costs
Prepared for ISO 17025 and GLP features, reduce time and costs when integrating the instrument into the Lab procedures. The instrument provides easy diagnostics and follow-up of both instruments and components.

Adaptive Workflow
The KjelROC Analyzer is fully flexible to adapt to your existing lab procedures or you can use our ready to use programs.

Kjelroc Analyzer User 1000X550pxl

The KjelROC Analyzer portfolio

KD-310-C1, KjelROC Analyzer with Glass Splashhead, including LabConnect
KD-310-C2, KjelROC Analyzer with PP Splashhead, including LabConnect
LA-010-A, LabConnect standard software
Kjeldahl Catalyst tablets, Accessories and Consumables

Analyzer 1000X550pxl


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