Protein Determination - Kjeldahl

Protein Determination - Kjeldahl

The Kjeldahl method is used worldwide as the standard for analyzing protein content in food, feed, feed ingredients and beverages. Typical analyses are protein in corn, barley wheat, seeds and protein in milk, beer, cookies, sausage, meat, and flour.

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Kjeldahl Digestion

In the Kjeldahl method the sample is boiled in sulphuric acid together with salt and catalyst. This very reactive and corrosive mixture puts high demands on the materials used. Also a well designed fume removal system is necessary to avoid damages on the laboratory inventories. An Exhaust together with a Scrubber is often the solution for this.

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Kjeldahl Analysis

Analyses where it is important to perform the titration simultaneously with the distillation e.g. Kjeldahl put high demands on the titration system. The colorimetric detection of the end point is often the only possibility. Even tougher it becomes if the Nitrogen level varies a lot from sample to sample, then the unique Predictive Titration System improves the function.

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