• Digestion

    The latest technology for your digestion needs, A new era in digestion.

  • Distillation & Titration

    High-precision systems with unique predictive titration.

    Distillation & Titration
  • Extraction

    New products for your extraction needs.

  • Protein Determination/ Kjeldahl

    High-precision Kjeldahl systems with flexible wireless communication.

    Protein Determination/<br>Kjeldahl
  • Fat Determination/ Soxhlet

    New products to cover your needs within fat determination.

    Fat Determination/ Soxhlet

OPSIS LiquidLINE provides innovative wet chemistry instruments.

  • Evolution Brought Milk to Our Tables

    Milk and humans have a long history together, but when did it all start and where are we today? And why is milk protein important to measure? Keep on reading to find out!
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  • Save Time and Still Meet the Regulations

    Managing laboratory samples and the associated analysis and reporting are often time-consuming and demanding in order to meet the requirements. Now, there is a solution, also for smaller laboratories,...
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