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BlackLINE the new protective coating for Wet Chemistry Instruments

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OPSIS LiquidLINE in Eurolab 2022

In the latest issue of Eurolab 2022, you find an article by Olle Lundström about new innovations for Wet chemistry laboratories.

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BlackLINE the new protective coating

Our mission to continuous improve our products is taking another step -OPSIS LiquidLINE launches the new BlackLINE coating on all our products...

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Kjeldahl Analysis Finding Less than 0.013 mg of Nitrogen

Typically, the Kjeldahl Method and Kjeldahl Instruments will give detection limits down to 0.1 mgN, and this is the same for the OPSIS LiquidLINE Kjel…

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Blog Things That Affect The Wine Quality Liquidline 720X480pxl


Things that Affect the Wine Quality

Producing quality wine is a complex process that consists of many steps. There are many components that need to be taken into consideration in the final product to verify the quality.

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Blog Improving Determination Of Fat In Fish Feed 720X480pxl


Improving Determination of Fat in Fish Feed

In order to correctly determine fat in feed and encapsulated oils, an additional acid hydrolysis might be required. OPSIS LiquidLINE provides a solution for total fat determinations.

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