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New FiberROC Auto released
– Fiber Determination made easy

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Learning About Pisco in Peru

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One Year Anniversary

Almost a year ago, we launched our new KjelROC Autosampler video. Haven’t seen it yet? Here is a new chance!

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Welcome Parker Analytical!

We welcome Parker Analytical as our new American distributor in Texas.

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Blog Measuring Pisco In Peru OL 720Pxl (6)


Measuring Pisco in Peru

We can find fermented beverages all over the world. It is a thousands-of-years-long old tradition. Well known is wine and beer. Pisco from Peru was unknown to Olle from OPSIS LiquidLINE but after a business trip to Peru things started to change...

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Blog What Is The Link Between Pepper, Piperine And The OPSIS Liquidline Soxroc Pic1 720X480pxl


What is the link between Pepper, Piperine and the OPSIS LiquidLINE SoxROC?

Vacation in Vietnam is always nice, a pleasant climate and good food. I recently visited the Island of Phu Quoc and got the opportunity to...

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