Oils and Syrups

Wet Chemistry solutions for producers of syrups, palm, coconut and other oils.

Crude Protein in Oil Production Residues
OPSIS LiquidLINE has solutions for determination of Kjeldahl (TKN) protein following standard methods, for example protein determination in residues from palm oil production such as palm kernel cake, palm oil sludge (POS), and palm pressed fibre (PPF). Protein in soybean meal and other oilseed by-products.

Extraction of Oil
OPSIS LiquidLINE provides instruments to extract oil from plants and seeds. Examples are palm oil in press fiber, coconut oil in copra, oil in canola, soya beans, and sunflower seeds.

Formaldehyde in Maple Syrup
Formaldehyde, though banned in most areas, is sometimes used to increase maple production, causing the need to monitor this component.


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