Fruits and Nuts

OPSIS LiquidLINE provides analytical solutions for laboratories in fruit and nut farms.

Crude Protein Determinations
OPSIS LiquidLINE has solutions for determination of Kjeldahl (TKN) protein following standard methods. Examples are protein determination in fruits, fruit products, nuts, and nut products.

Crude Fat Determinations
OPSIS LiquidLINE provides instruments to determine crude fat with hot solvent extraction. Examples are fat in nuts and nut products.

Total SO2 Determinations
SO2 is used as preservative in the fruit industry, in particular for dried fruits. OPSIS LiquidLINE has solutions for determination of Total SO2 with steam distillation, following standard methods. Total sulfur dioxide is liberated by acidic steam distillation and is fixed and oxidized by hydrogen peroxide. The sulfuric acid formed is determined by separate titration, using third party instruments. Examples are total SO2 in dried apricots, dried fruits, and total SO2 in fruit juices.

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