Accessories and Consumables

Additional accessories to lower risk for mistakes, increase precision and for added efficiency

Kjeldahl Consumables

Increase your Kjeldahl Digestion Efficiency with Catalyst Tablets, "Kjeltabs". Consult OPSIS LiquidLINE laboratory to select the right combination for your application method. Select among our portfolio of Borosilicate Glassware. All consumables are made in Europe.

Kjeldahl Tablets (Kjeltabs)
KT-211, Missouri Tablet, Cu, 0.3%, 3.5g
KT-220, Micro Copper, Cu, 9%, 1.65g
KT-230, Universal Copper, Cu, 9%, 5g
KT-231, Universal Copper, Cu, 10.3%, 4g
KT-240, Titanium, Cu-TiO2, 2.8%, 3.7g
KT-250, Selenium, Se, 0.1%, 3.5g

TU-214, KjelROC Tubes 250 ml, 20 tubes
TU-223, KjelROC Tubes, 450 ml, 10 tubes
TU-221, KjelROC Tubes 750 ml, 4 tubes
TU-220, Conical Flask 250 ml, 10 flasks
TU-222, Boiling Rods for digestion of liquid samples


Extraction Consumables

Select among our portfolio of standard extraction thimbles, compatible with all instruments on the market. Use our unique filters to increase efficiency of your Hydrolysis

Kjeldahl Tablets (Kjeltabs)
SX-040, Cellulose Thimbles 33x80, 25 pcs
SX-041, Cellulose Thimbles 25x80, 25 pcs
SX-044, Cellulose Thimbles 40x80, 25 pcs
SX-045, Glass Microfiber Thimbles 33x80, 25 pcs
SX-046, Glass Microfiber Thimbles 40x80, 25 pcs
SX-043, HydROC Filters, 50 filters (used with OPSIS LiquidLINE HydROC unit)

Thimbles LiquidLINE 1000x550

Fiber Consumables

Select among our portfolio of OPSIS LiquidLINE filters for your Fiber determinations.

Fiber Filters
FB-010-A, Crude Fiber (CF) Bags for FiberROC Manual, 50 pcs
FB-011-A, CF/ADF/NDF Bags for FiberROC Auto and FiberROC Advanced, 200 pcs

Fiberbags Liquidline 1000x550pxl

OPSIS LiqudLINE Accessories

Configure your KjelROC system with additional accessories to lower risk for mistakes, increase precision and for added efficiency.

LA-010, LabConnect software, standard license, to increase efficiency
LA-020, LabConnect software, full license, to increase efficiency
KD-026, IQ/OQ/PQ Test Documents

KjelROC Accessories
KD-002, Recovery Test together with delivery of KjelROC Analyzer unit
KD-020, Flexible Tank Level Sensors, 4 sensors
KD-022, Burette Kit for quick exchange of Titrant solution read more in our brochure...
KD-024, External Titration Kit for KjelROC Distillation Unit. Read more in our brochure…
KD-027, CFR Title 21 Part 11 Package

IQPQOQ Tests LiquidLINE 1000x550pxl


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