One Easy-to-Use Instrument for all your Fiber Determinations

FiberROC Auto

The OPSIS LiquidLINE FiberROC Auto can automatically run the steps according to the Weende or Van Soest Fiber determination methods. It provides a closed environment with automatic addition of solutions and boiling under pressure for optimal results.

High throughput with up to 27 samples
The FiberROC Auto is optimized for high-volume throughput, with up to 27 samples per batch.

Low Operating Costs
The FiberROC will automatically add Acid, Base, ND and AD solutions, amylase as programmed. Boling time and temperature can be adjusted and the FiberROC will automatically rinse with hot water when necessary. All steps can be programmed and adjusted by the operator. The consumption of solution in the FiberROC is kept to a minimum which reduces the operating costs.

Unified Solution
The OPSIS LiquidLINE LabConnect software is integrated with the FiberROC Auto, to facilitate the weight registration and result reporting. All steps in the FiberROC are monitored, and the operator will automatically be notified if there are any deviations. The LabConnect software allows complete control, with events stored in an Audit trail.

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FiberROC Advanced

The FiberROC Advanced provides all the features and functions of the FiberROC Auto. The OPSIS LiquidLINE FiberROC Advanced can automatically run the steps according to the Weende or Van Soest methods. In addition, it will add even more flexibility.

With the FiberROC Advanced it is easy to alternate between high-volume throughput and small batches. A specific mode allows batches with less than 9 samples to use a reduced solution volume. The FiberROC Advanced can therefore better reduce the operating costs when running different batch sizes.

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FiberROC Manual

The FiberROC Manual is an additional kit provided together with the HydROC hydrolysis unit. The FiberROC Manual can facilitate Crude Fiber determinations according to the Weende method, using the unique OPSIS LiquidLINE Crude Fiber bags. The unit can also be used for Hydrolysis, when removing the Crude Fiber kit from the instrument.

With the FiberROC Manual you can boil Acid and Base as well as rinse under safe conditions. The instrument and the Crude Fiber bags make the process easy, repeatable and reduces the risk for operator errors.

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The FiberROC Portfolio

FB-120-C, FiberROC Manual 6 position Fiber and Hydrolysis unit
FB-300-C, FiberROC Auto 27 positions
FB-310-C, FiberROC Advanced 9/27 positions
LA-010-A, LabConnect standard software
Fiber Accessories and Consumables

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