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OPSIS LiquidLINE provides knowledge on analytical methods such as Protein, Fat and Fiber analyses.

At OPSIS LiquidLINE we do not only provide instruments but our mission is to help your laboratory to become more efficient and precise in your analytical tasks. Our wet chemistry laboratory in Sweden can assist you with your application challenges. We can optimize your applications, we can verify your samples and we can assist when developing new applications.

Protein/Nitrogen Determination

The Kjeldahl method is used worldwide as the standard for analyzing protein content in food, feed, feed ingredients, and beverages.

Kjeldahl Digestion
In the Kjeldahl method, the sample is boiled in sulfuric acid together with salt and catalyst. This very reactive and corrosive mixture puts high demands on the materials used. Also a well designed fume removal system is necessary to avoid damages on the laboratory inventories. An exhaust together with a Scrubber is often the solution for this.

Kjeldahl Analysis
Analyses where it is important to perform the titration simultaneously with the distillation e.g. Kjeldahl, put high demands on the titration system. The colorimetric detection of the end point is often the only possibility. Even tougher it becomes if the Nitrogen level varies a lot from sample to sample, then the unique Predictive Titration System improves the function.

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Fat Determination

Because of commercial regulations, it is important for food producers to be able to report fat/lipids content in their products. It is also important, in several industries, to closely monitor the fat content since it affects the quality or value of the product.

Hot Solvent Extraction
Soxhlet extraction is one of the most commonly used methods for determination of total fat. OPSIS LiquidLINE has developed the SoxROC Extraction unit to increase the effectiveness of this process. The SoxROC is up to 5 times faster than the classical Soxhlet method with no loss in precision or accuracy, due to an effective sealed hot extraction process. The SoxROC unit will automatically perform the different extraction steps in the method.

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Crude Fiber Determination

Boiling a sample in Acid, Acid Hydrolysis, is a preparation step for many analyses. The Weende method is used worldwide as the standard for determining Crude Fiber in food and feed.

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Boiling a sample in a reagent is often used as a preparation step for many analyses. Typically is the determination of Protein/Nitrogen in the Kjeldahl method. COD, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Trace Metal Analysis are other digestions where controlled conditions are important.

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Steam Distillation & Titration 

In many tests there is a need to separate the substance of interest from the rest of the sample prior to the analysis. e.g. SO2 in food/wine and free fatty acids. Here, a steam distillation often is the best solution. For best performance it is important that the speed of the steam production can be controlled.

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Hot Solvent Extraction 

To be able to determine the amount of many substances it is often necessary to first extract them from the material they are bound to. Extraction procedures can be found in environmental laboratories and in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Of importance for many extractions is the safety of used equipment since both flammable and explosive solvents are boiled at high temperatures.

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Boiling a sample in Acid, Acid Hydrolysis, is preparation step for many analyses.

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