KjelROC Digestors

New materials, more flexible and more robust

KjelROC Digestion Blocks

Standard in all our digestion blocks are selectable programs, timer functions and possibility to select between Celcius and Fahrenheit. Our more advanced blocks offer an automatic motor rack.

Automatic Programs Saves Time
Automatic programs make the KjelROC Digestors easy to use. Alarm signal and/or automatic cooling simplifies the surveillance of the process.

Automation Saves Time and Reduce Costs
KjelROC Digestors Advanced models saves even more time with fully automatic motor rack.

Lower Maintenance Costs
All Digestors and Scrubbers built with high endurance materials. From high quality borosilicate glass to high quality EN 1.4404 stainless steel.

Kjelroc Digestor User Liquidline 1000X550pxl

The KjelROC Digestion portfolio

DI-210, KjelROC Digestor 10 position, automatic programs
DI-220, KjelROC Digestor 20 position, automatic programs
DI-310, KjelROC Digestor 10 position, advanced with automatic programs and motorlift
DI-320, KjelROC Digestor 20 position, advanced with automatic programs and motorlift
DI-110, KjelROC Scrubber Complete
Kjeldahl Catalyst tablets, Accessories and Consumables

Kjelroc Digestor Liquidline 1000X550pxl


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