KjelROC Scrubbers

Environment-friendly Digestion

KjelROC Scrubbers

Environmental concerns are always important to consider and therefore we recommend to use scrubbers together with our KjelROC Digeston blocks.

Reliable and Easy with a Small Footprint
The KjelROC Scrubbers are built to work in an environment with high corrosive fumes and high temperatures. All materials are carefully selected. Small footprint and ease of use has been prioritized when designing the OPSIS KjelROC Scrubbers. No water is required for installation and use.

High Standard
All KjelROC scrubbers can be supplied with optional water cooler and water traps for additional efficiency during extraction.

Kjelroc Scrubbers User Liquidline 1000X550pxl

The KjelROC Scrubber portfolio

DI-110, KjelROC Scrubber Complete
DI-111, Water Trap for Liquid Digestion
Kjeldahl Catalyst tablets, Accessories and Consumables

Scrubber 1000X550


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