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LabConnect Software

All Analytical Laboratories should benefit from the advantages of modern information technology. With LabConnect software it is possible to make information management more efficient and compliant with regulations.

LabConnect is a good option for both small and large laboratories. For small laboratories it can be used instead of an expensive and complicated Laboratory Information System (LIMS). For large laboratories it offers an efficient way to manage daily work and share data in company-wide databases.

OPSIS LiquidLINE LabConnect allows you to:

  • Store all your analytical data in a digital format
  • Get compliance with common regulations, such as ISO 17025 and FDA Title 21 Part 11
  • Make your daily routines more efficient
  • Evaluate and compile your results
  • Monitor your analyses in the lab
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Different licenses

OPSIS LiquidLINE LabConnect is available with two different licenses:

  • The Full License gives access to all features of LabConnect
  • The Standard License is similar to the full license, except that there is no analysis module to evaluate your results with statistical tools, and you are limited to one method (select between Protein, Fat or Fiber).
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The LabConnect portfolio

LA-010, LabConnect Standard license and software
LA-020, LabConnect Full license and software
LA-021, LabConnect QR Barcode Scanner with cable and stand
LA-022, LabConnect Serial-USB interface to connect Balance
LA-023, LabConnect QR-code Label Printer

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