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Analytical Laboratories working with Wine, Beer, spirits and other beverages can reduce their costs and increase their precision with OPSIS LiquidLINE solutions. Beverages industries can be Malt and Beer producers, Wineries, Cider producers, Juice factories, Tea and Coffee plantations, Whiskey, Cognac, and other spirits producers. In all these industries there is need for precise and accurate analysis. The results will affect both quality and quantity of the final product.



Our solutions for Beer and Beer related production: Determination of protein in compressed or granular yeast, malt, wort, barley and beer. Extraction of fat in barley. Determination of alcohol or Total SO2 in beer.
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Our solutions for Wine related production: Determination of protein, Volatile Acids and alcohol in wine or vinegars. Total SO2 in wine.
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Other Beverages

Other beverages can be distilleries and Spirits producers, juice factories, Tea and Coffee plantations and Soda manufacturers. Please read the OPSIS LiquidLINE solutions for laboratories working with other Beverages.
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