Food Laboratories

Wet Chemistry Laboratories working in Food industries requires efficient methods for measurement of Protein and Fat. OPSIS LiquidLINE can provide innovative solutions for analyses in Dressings, Mustards, Chocolate, Bakery, Pasta, Chicken, Eggs, Meat and other processed food.



Solutions for meat

Solutions for laboratories working with Meat and meat related products: Protein in hamburgers, beef, meat, dried meat, sausages and meat products. Total and Crude Fat in Meat and Meat products. Indication of the amount of collagen in meat by measuring Hydroxyproline. Total SO2 in meat and sausages.
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Solutions for fish

Solutions for laboratories working with Fish and fish related products: Protein in seafood, fishmeal, fish and other marine products, Crude Fat in fish meal, TVB-N in fish and Total Fat in smoked trout, surimi and fish meal.
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Dressings and Mustards

Solutions for dressings and mustards

Our solutions for producers of Dressings and Mustards: Protein in food dressings and prepared mustards, Total fat in mayonnaise and food dressings.
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Solutions for chocolate

OPSIS LiquidLINE solutions for producers of Chocolate: Protein in chocolate, milk chocolate and cacao products, Fat in cacao products with or without milk ingredients. Total and Crude Fat in products prepared by cooking with sugar and H2O, chocolate and chocolate liquor.
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Bread and Pasta

Solutions for bread and pasta producers

Solutions for Bakeries and Pasta producers: Protein in macaroni products, egg noodles, spaghetti, bread, bakery. Total Fat in bread, cereal products, and bakery and macaroni products. Crude Fat in biscuits, crackers, fig bars, raisin filled crackers.
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Chicken and Eggs

Solutions for chicken farms

Solutions for Chicken farms and producers of Egg: Protein in chicken, liquid eggs and eggs. Total Fat in eggs and chicken feed.
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Solutions for other types of food

Solutions for other laboratories working with Food: Protein in cereals, sauces, pulses, jams and ready-made food. Total Fat in cereals, cereal products, potato chips and ready-made food. Crude Fat in cereal products, potato chips and ready-made food.
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