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KjelROC Consumables

Good analysis requires preparation and supplies of reliable consumables like Glass Tubes of Borosilicate and Kjeldahl Tablets. OPSIS offers a complete range of Glassware and Kjeldahl Tablets for your daily laboratory needs. OPSIS brings you High Quality, Time Savings and Cost Savings


Catalyst Tablets for Kjeldahl Method

Kjeldahl Tablets

  • KT-211-A, Missouri Tablet, Cu, 0.3%, 3.5g

  • KT-220-A, Micro Copper, Cu, 9%, 1.65g

  • KT-230-A, Universal Copper, Cu, 9%, 5g

  • KT-240-A, Titanium, Cu-TiO2, 3.71g

  • KT-250-A, Selenium, Se, 0.1%, 3.5g

  • KT-260-A, Wieninger, Se-Cu, 2%, 3.5g


 Digestion tubes

  • TU-214-A, KjelROC Tubes 250 ml

  • TU-221-A, KjelROC Tubes 750 ml

  • TU-220-A, Conical Flask 250 ml

  • TU-222-A, Boiling Rods for digestion of liquid samples


Data Sheets for Download:

LP1004 KjelROC Consumables