Catching the Nordic Sun

OPSIS Solar Panels

Believe it or not, but the sun occasionally shines also over northern Europe. OPSIS has utilized this by installing solar panels on the roofs of its buildings in Furulund.

A first step was taken already in 2015, resulting in 750 m2 of panels. With the completion of a new logistics building and the new house intended as laboratory and production facility for OPSIS LiquidLINE, and also utilizing further roofs on elder buildings, the solar panel area has by now increased to about 1,200 m2. This is expected to generate up to 160 MWh of energy per year, corresponding to about 30% of the total energy need at the Furulund headquarters.

The amount of energy generated, depends on the time of year and on the weather. At the latitude of Furulund, the time the sun is above the horizon varies between seven hours in December to more than 17 hours in June, and the clouds can sometimes gather above us. However, also during winter time and also when the sky is cloudy, the solar panels reduce the daily need for external power. During summer time, the panels can generate more power than we consume. The excess is then automatically sold and fed to the power grid for use by other consumers.

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