J.S Hamilton Saves Cost and Improves Throughout With An OPSIS LiquidLINE Autosampler

Liquidline News 191206

J.S. Hamilton Poland is an international group of companies located in Eastern Europe providing a wide range of specialized services for traders, retailers, producers, industry, transport, distribution, and storage. They do accredited laboratory analysis of food, cosmetics and household products, pharmaceuticals, packaging and consumer products, liquid and solid fuels, and chemicals as well as analysis of environmental samples (water, sewage, waste, soil, etc.).

Reliability, throughput and cost per sample are all important for their laboratories. Recently their central laboratory in Gdynia decided to upgrade with an OPSIS LiquidLINE KjelROC Autosampler system to increase their throughput. They possibility to run 20 samples automatically and easy handling of data were criteria when evaluating which system to buy.

The OPSIS LiquidLINE KjelROC Autosampler can handle up to 25 Kjeldahl samples in one sequence. The laboratory prepares the samples with weighing and digestion. Distillation and titration is handled automatically by the autosampler. All results are thereafter delivered to a network computer. They can use both the autosampler and the OPSIS LiquidLINE Transfer Utility program to register weights and handle results. The transfer utility program allows easy selection of several tube racks, LIMS compatibility, and the possibility to print results on a printer.

The system was installed successfully this summer and possibilities to save costs on reagents, compared to previous Kjeldahl analyses, has already been identified.

Contact us to get more information about our automatic Kjeldahl solutions. Don't hesitate to ask us about our application support and research that we do in our laboratory in Sweden.

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